As part of Eisai’s commitment to the epilepsy community, we teamed up with Jumo Health, enlisting their signature comic book line, Medikidz®, which uses animated superheroes to explain medical conditions to children by providing accurate and engaging information for young people and their families. The content is developed by Eisai with feedback from leading clinical specialists and graphic novelists, peer-reviewed by key opinion leaders (KOLs) and endorsed by professional and patient advocacy groups.

Eisai is proudly supporting Jumo Health to bring information about epilepsy to patients and their families, and has added a sixth book to the series which highlights and educates about the journey in transitioning from pediatric care to adult care, an experience that young people with epilepsy and their families will encounter.

  • Understanding Epilepsy – The first installment of the series, which follows Jack on his journey with the Medikidz® to learn all about epilepsy.
  • Seizure Assistance Dogs – A story about Joel’s experience with his seizure-assistance dog, Flame.
  • Living With Epilepsy – A story about Megan, who quickly turned her diagnosis into an opportunity to advocate for, and inspire those, living with epilepsy through her vlog and social media network.
  • Playing Sports With Epilepsy – A story about Hannah who despite living with epilepsy, continues her life as an athlete. Here, she meets U.S. Olympic hockey player, Chanda Gunn to hear about her personal journey with sports and epilepsy.
  • Understanding Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) – A story about a seven-year-old boy named Jackson who lives with LGS, told through his sister Tenley’s perspective.
  • Understanding Transitional Care in Epilepsy – A story about Julia, a teenage girl who is unsure about the epilepsy transition process from pediatric to adult health care, and what it means to be more independent in managing her condition. Here, she meets Brian, a young adult and college student, who shares his experience about his personal journey with epilepsy and the transition process.

The Medikidz® superheroes have traveled with the Eisai team to numerous advocacy events including walks, conferences, and sporting events. Eisai and Jumo Health are committed to providing information through Medikidz® to help patients and their families understand epilepsy.

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