Meet the Medikidz® Stars

Meet Nylah

Being able to achieve her goals and becoming a role model for others living with epilepsy was important to Nylah. In order to do this, she had to learn about the triggers that caused her seizures and the steps she needed to take to help manager her symptoms. Click here to order Nylah’s book, “Managing Epilepsy”

Meet Jackson and Tenley

In the book, Jackson experiences a seizure while watching television with his family and the Medikidz® appear to explain to Tenley how LGS affects her older brother. Tenley’s experience with the group of young superheroes helps her better understand her brother’s condition, and how she can help care for, and play with, Jackson. Click here to order Jackson and Tenley’s book, “Medikidz Explain LGS.”


Meet Megan

After initially struggling with being diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 14, Megan became determined to turn her diagnosis into an opportunity to advocate for those living with epilepsy. Through her vlog and social media network she’s been able to connect with, and inspire, thousands of teenagers living with epilepsy to spread the word about her story and how she manages living with the disorder. Click here to order Megan's book, "Medkidz Explain Living with Epilepsy."

Meet Jack

The first book, “Medikidz Explain Epilepsy,” tells a story about Jack who is navigating middle school while living with epilepsy. When he experiences a seizure after a basketball game that threatens to leave him on the sidelines in the upcoming championship game, the Medikidz® come to Jack’s aid. They give him an up-close and personal overview of what’s going on inside his body when he experiences a seizure and help him explain his condition to his coach and peers so they understand how it affects Jack. Click here to order Jack’s book.

Meet Hannah

After experiencing a seizure during a hockey game, Hannah almost gives up on her dream of playing hockey. To help Hannah see that epilepsy doesn't mean you have to quit being active, the Medikidz® travel back in time to see professional and Olympic Gold Medalist hockey player, Chanda Gunn, who is Hannah’s age. Hannah gives Chanda confidence to keep playing, despite her seizures. Fast forward to present day and Chanda is able to return the favor. Click here to order Hannah’s book, “Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy.”


Meet Joel

Joel is the inspiration for the second book, “Medikidz Explain Seizure Assistance Dogs.” The book tells Joel’s story about trying to live a normal life with his friends while living with epilepsy. The Medikidz® introduce Joel to a seizure-assistance dog named Flame who he takes home. Flame ultimately helps Joel feel more confident about going to school and playing with other kids, despite his epilepsy. Click here to order Joel’s book.


Meet Brian and Julia

Julia meets with her doctor and learns that, since she will be heading off to college soon, she will need to start preparing for the transition from her pediatric neurologist to an adult neurologist, as well as taking on some additional responsibility to manage her condition. After realizing how much change will soon be coming, Axon, one of the Medikidz characters, introduces her to Brian, a young adult and college student, to talk to someone who knows exactly what she is thinking and feeling about the epilepsy transitions process. The story takes us back to when Brian was preparing for college and the transitions process and Julia learns about what it was like for him. Click here to order Julia and Brian’s book “Understanding Transitional Care in Epilepsy.”