Partners & Programs

Partners & Programs

Magnolia Paws for Compassion®

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Magnolia Paws for Compassion® is a special program, created by Eisai Inc., in partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation and 4 Paws for Ability, which seeks to increase access to animal assistance and raise awareness of the many benefits that service and therapy dogs can provide to those coping with an illness, such as epilepsy or a seizure disorder. Magnolia Paws for Compassion embodies Eisai's hhc mission by involving our employees in fundraising to support animal assistance and encouraging them to have their own pets trained as therapy dogs. Once trained, they spend time with patients, helping to alleviate some of the emotional and physical stresses associated with illness, while also gaining an understanding of the patient's journey to help inform and motivate their work.

To learn more about Paws for Compassion, download this brochure.

Jumo Health & Medikidz®

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As part of Eisai’s commitment to the epilepsy community, we teamed up with Jumo Health, who develops age appropriate, educational resources for patients and caregivers for use throughout their medical journey, enlisting their signature comic book line, Medikidz®. Medikidz uses animated superheroes to explain medical conditions to children by providing accurate and engaging information for young people and their families. Click below to learn more about Medikidz.

Ella the Jellyfish

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Created with input from children living with LGS, their families and caregivers, Eisai introduced an engaging new Amazon Alexa Skill, “Ella the Jellyfish.” Ella the Jellyfish is an interactive experience that gives children living with LGS and their families a fun new world to explore, ultimately aiming to help children with LGS live more independently. Click below to learn more about Ella the Jellyfish.

Child Neurology Foundation & Transitions of Care

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Transition of care is a process for young adults to maintain access to medical care in order to attain life-long functioning and well-being as they transition from pediatric to adult health care. To help address the challenges associated with the transition process, Eisai co-sponsored the development of a consensus statement in 2016 by the Child Neurology Foundation and endorsed by American Academy of Neurology, Child Neurology Society and American Academy of Pediatrics. Click below to learn more about transitions of care.


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Whether you’re on prescription treatment or not, breakthrough convulsive seizures can happen, causing significant risks. In an effort to increase education on how to better understand and reduce the risks of breakthrough convulsive seizures, Eisai created the website Epilapsey®, which includes educational content for both patients and healthcare professionals. Click below to learn more about Epilapsey.

Letters to My Younger Self

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Letters to My Younger Self showcases human-interest content that highlights what patients wish they knew at the onset of their journey toward seizure freedom. Click below to learn more.

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